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Welcome to FranFIT! For almost 30 years, FranNet has worked with the America's Small Business Development Centers, the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States and its territories. FranNet's dedicated staff has progressively strived to improve our partnership with the SBDC centers. We both have the mission to deliver nationwide educational assistance to strengthen businesses and contribute to the growth of local, state and national economies. FranNet and the ASBDC are committed to boost the economic development of local small business growth. To accomplish this, FranNet has worked hard to strengthen our relationship with the SBDC to generate further job creation and expand our positive economic impact through an all-new FranFit Program.

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The FranFit program has incorporated several tools at your disposal to empower entrepreneurs and stimulate long-term relationships. FranNet will grant the ASBDC with "VIP access" to valuable resources that will guide you to more clients, increase your consulting hours and expand your understanding of franchising through careful, detailed training and certification. The dream of business ownership can appear bleak or even out of reach in this competitive and complex marketplace. Yet, no matter what state the global economy is in, FranNet and the ASBDC have shown significant prosperity though honesty, responsiveness and integrity. With FranNet's support, we hope to further the ASBDC growth by crushing limits and erasing doubt for any entrepreneur or small business owner we meet.

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