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Nov 13, 2015 | John Blair & Kedma Ough

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Since 1987, FranNet and the SBDC have celebrated success story after success story through a committed, national partnership. Even with the exceptional service both companies have provided for local businesses and entrepreneurs, FranNet has found a way to strengthen and deepen our relationship for the betterment of all clients. The integration of this program will improve the longevity of SBDC clients and offer a deeper understanding of an ever-widening audience.

The IFA's Educational Foundation's research shows that over 900,000 franchised businesses provide 21 million jobs and contribute $2.3 trillion to the U.S. private sector economy. FranNet's experts work with select franchisors and evaluate various types of business opportunities in the marketplace today. Their scientific assessment tools focus on the client's behavior profile, risk tolerance, communication style, financial background and other crucial factors. Your SBDC directors will be part of the counseling process that uses expert advice to guide people to their personal and professional goals.

After the program is in place, the SBDC directors will be fully equipped to provide service to individuals in the franchising sector with the knowledge, assistance and expertise of FranNet consultants. This service will, in turn, contribute to the SBDC's necessary consulting hours and implement a more stable form of income for centers across the U.S. This new program will also allow ASBDC counselors to validate the client's eventual local economic impact.

Open your eyes to a new way of thinking in considering what opportunities exist for your clients. The FranFit Program may be just the right fit.

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